Our Services

Financial Advisory Services

We provide accounting services to clients which include the preparation of monthly management accounts, preparation of annual IFRS financial statements and consolidated financial statements. Our team also provides payroll outsourcing services and the preparation and filing of statutory returns like PAYE, CSG, VAT and TDS.

Corporate Finance, Insolvency and Corporate Recovery

  • Corporate Finance
  • Our corporate finance team has expertise in company valuation. We are accredited by the Stock Exchange of Mauritius as Independent Financial Advisor, Independent Professional Expert and Independent Valuer.

  • Corporate liquidation
  • Our team has significant experience in liquidation procedures and provide advice on the different types of corporate insolvencies. Insolvency processes can provide a wide range of solutions from enabling a business to be restructured through to maximising the pay-outs to its creditors.

  • Corporate administration
  • Companies may be facing cash flow issues and are therefore unable to pay their debt can have recourse to voluntary administration. Our role is to salvage the company, protect the business’ assets and continues in existence.

  • Receivership
  • A Receivership is a recourse available to secured creditors to recover amounts outstanding under a secured loan in the event the company defaults on its loan payments. Receiver Managers are appointed by financial institutions or any secured creditors.